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Redefining Staffing for the High Seas

Seize The Seas was created by three cousins with wanderlust spirits and a united passion for nautical exploration. During our adventures on the high seas, we became aware of the lack of accessibility from vessel owners to professional captains. Thus, Seize the Seas Unlimited was born. Here at SSU, we provide excellence with our world-class captains and engineers. We pair our clients with elite USCG qualified captains to safely transport any vessel to its final destination. Our captains and crew have 125,000 nautical miles combined. Now, with SSU behind them every step of the way, it allows them to focus on their impeccable quality of the journey. We provide the logistical backing to ensure that your vessel makes it on time and in better shape than when you left it. Choosing SSU for your vessel delivery means round-the-clock service for all of the crew's needs at the port and on the seas. With 24/7 shore side assistance, our team at SSU is able to focus on your prized possession's efficient and effective delivery.

Contact us and let's set sail today.

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