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The Founders of 

Seize the Seas Unlimited

Get to Know Our Family

Boat Captain, Yacht Delivery, Veteran

Jerrod Mowery

Crew/Owner/Business Manager

Jerrod was born in South Dakota to a military family. Naturally, when he grew up, he joined the United States Air Force in 2010. His job has taken him around the world twice and was afforded the opportunity to live and teach in Germany for four years.


The Air Force taught him some of life's hardest lessons early. It has given him bedrock to stand on when it comes to his leadership and decision-making abilities. As a non-commissioned officer, he learned how to manage people and understand what it truly means to be selfless. His job's nature called on him to make split-second calculated life or death decisions. 11 years of leadership, critical thinking, and crisis management makes him confident he can ensure his customer's asset is in the best hands and that satisfaction is guaranteed. Critical thinking and plan management are his strong suit. His work ethic is tenacious, and he will work, day and night for anyone.


Charles Mowery

Captain/First Mate/Owner/Marketing Manager

Charles has always had a spirit for adventure. He got his start in Kona, HI where he fell in love with the sea, above and below the surface. Working as a dive instructor for 5 years he quickly became a leader in his field and a renowned first mate on the island. During this time he was able to expand his network of elite captains and crew and get invaluable experience on the sea and behind the helm of multiple vessels. Continuing to follow his passion into the professional sector of the dive industry he now leads an elite dive team at Georgia Aquarium taking guests to dive with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Hammerheads, and Tiger Sharks. He is a professional underwater videographer and editor as well as an experienced freediver. In pursuit of becoming an all around aquatic professional he is now a newly certified boat captain. All of his experience, accolades, and certifications has lead him to starting Seize the Seas and share his expertise with the world.


Dillon Mowery

100 ton Master Captain/Owner/Lead Onboarding

Dillon’s first job at sea was on board a glass-bottom shipwreck tour boat for NOAA. This job was the spark that ignited the fire that continues to drive Dillon today. Quickly he became a PADI divemaster which allowed him to work as an aquarist at Albuquerque Aquarium as well as a dive guide in Kona, Hawaii. Thus, expanding his love for the ocean and awareness of conservation of the sea. In Hawaii, he realized his passion for sailing and the open ocean which is why he set his sights on earning his captain's license. His ambitions grew alongside his boating and sailing skills, which earned him the opportunity to accept jobs that took him all over the world. His abilities allowed him to explore new places and sail thousands of miles from the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean delivering numerous vessels.
Now, alongside his business partners, he is excited to use his skills and expertise to make your delivery woes and headaches a thing of the past.

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